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Hooray for the Honeybee!

Today the world celebrates and recognises the importance of our fuzzy little black and yellow friends! Honeybees have been around for millions of years and are responsible for pollinating plants and making yummy golden honey. Life without these hard-working invertebrates would not be the same. The diversity and availability of food would be massively reduced, … Continued


Ecstatic news for Elephants!

On the 12th of August, the world comes together to celebrate and conserve our remaining Elephants. This day acts as a reminder of the urgent plight of both Asian and African Elephants. This iconic animal has incredible significance in many cultures globally. However despite this, the future of the Elephant remains uncertain. Future generations may … Continued


Roarsome news for the Lion – the king of the jungle!

Today, the world comes together to honour the Lion for their courage, strength, and power. This iconic animal has huge cultural significance, being depicted in folklore, text, sculptures, paintings, and flags from all around the world. Though this is a day of celebration, we must not forget the fight for survival which todays Lions face … Continued

Southern White Rhino

Help us feed iconic poaching survivor Seha!

Seha (one of our iconic poaching survivors) has been enjoying his new home at Marataba Conservation Camps as a wild and free bull! This has always been a dream of the team STS and our supporters! We are thrilled to see him happy in a wilder environment. However, since his relocation, it has become apparent … Continued

Southern White Rhino

Hip Hip Hooray! Little Daniel turns three today!

Three years ago we welcomed Daniel to the world! He’s done some growing over the past 3 years! The only Calf ever to be born of 2 Rhinos that had both survived poaching attacks, Lucky and Seha. This is a true testament of the success of Rhino conservation. Living proof that the work we are … Continued

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Dr Johan answers your questions!

What type of animals do you most often come across and work with? There are two species of rhino that we mainly work with, the black rhino and the white rhino. What adaptive traits do these animals have? There are many physical and behavioural adaptive trait differences between the two species we work with such. … Continued

Southern White Rhino

Update on our little Rhino orphan Kwayera

You may remember a few months back we rescued this little Rhino Kwayera who had been found wandering the bush alone. For the first few days he was cared for 24/7 by our Veterinary Assistant and Baby Rhino Specialist “Dot”. This most certainly saved his life, before we could arrange for Dr. Johan to fly … Continued

Southern White Rhino

Rhino poaching survivor treated by STS veterinarian Dr. Johan

Another Southern White Rhino Bull shot and his front horn traumatically hacked away by poachers. Luckily, this Rhino survived the poaching ordeal, despite losing his horn and with it half of his face. This Rhino Bull has been making a fairly good recovery, however it seems that the Oxpecker birds are now irritating the wound … Continued

Southern White Rhino

16 Rhinos de-horned after 4 Rhino killed in just one night!

The issue facing private Rhino Custodian’s In the space of a single day, a distraught reserve owner in South Africa lost four Rhinos. Each Rhino killed was a result of poaching. The reserve owners are responsible for the vast majority of remaining Rhino populations. However, being Rhino custodians comes with immense financial pressures, due to … Continued