Buffalo capture in Mavunguane Community

A group of herdsman from the Mavunguane community in southern Mozambique requested the assistance of STS mobile veterinary unit. This was to solve an ongoing “conflict” between the cattle herds and herdsman. Additionally, they were called to solve the conflict between and 2 massive buffalo bulls that have been sharing the same territory.


Buffaloes can be transmit deadly diseases to cattle. This rural area of Mozambique cattle is the main source of protein and income most people have. Furthermore, buffaloes can be extremely aggressive towards people. Urgent action was needed to prevent an escalation in the conflict.

With the assistance of Sabie game park staff and ECO APU, the animals were located. They were then immobilised from a vehicle and transported back to the GLC reserves (Greater Lebombo conservancy).

While responding effectively to these types of situations, the result has had a great impact in the local community. Their perception of conservation areas contributes towards a sustainable future. Wildlife conservation areas will certainly provide tangible benefits to local people.

Finally, thank you to ANAC, ECO APU and Sabie Game ParkFord Wildlife Craghoppers

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