Is the newest recruit in anti-poaching actually Rhino’s oldest friend?

A study has suggested that the red-billed Oxpecker, often found eating the bugs and insects from the backs of big game animals such as Rhino, Giraffe and Buffalo, actually alerts their host to approaching humans, long before the large mammal would realise alone. Scientists speculate that the African bird has evolved this reaction to protect

The New Big 5 Project.

Saving The Survivors are proud to be supporting the New Big 5 project. Please take a moment to like and follow this brilliant initiative! The “original” Big 5 were the animals which hunters most wanted hanging on their walls. We want to make “The New Big 5” the animals everybody most wants photographs of on their walls!

GPS Collars Proven Vital After Crop Crisis

Dr. Joao and team sts were recently called out to a farm in the Panjane community. The previous night a group of 12 elephants destroyed 2 hectares and agricultural fields. The precious crops were the only food source that 3 families had. Everything was gone in less than 2 hours. Following this, team sts, with

Mourning Mothers Come Together After Losing Calves

You might remember two months ago, when 2 female white rhinos tragically lost their calves? This was due to two of the older bulls fighting. To prevent any further injuries Dr. Johan Marais and team sts were called in to relocate the bulls. Since then, the two mothers have been spending most of their time together. They

Remembering the Fallen for World Ranger Day

We stand with the rangers for #WorldRangerDay   Rangers are the first line of defence in Protected Areas. Additionally, they are devoted to safeguarding our Parks, landscapes and the wildlife they hold.   This day is a celebration of the committed and brave guards of the natural heritage, and their work. Today we commemorate and

Human-Elephant Conflict Solved in the Pajane Community

STS and partners take the first steps to address Human- Elephant conflict (HEC) in the Panjane community.   You might remember our recent post about the Human-Elephant conflict situation? A few weeks ago in southern Mozambique, a group of 8 elephants destroyed precious crops from multiple families, leaving the land near bare. After the first

Finding the Real Lion King

Last week, Dr. Joao Almeida from the STS Mozambique team, travelled to central Mozambique. There he was to deploy 3 GPS collars on lions living in Coutada 9. Coutada 9 protects 400,000 hectares of wilderness in a private-community partnership. This aims to re-establish the wilderness areas that provide key habitat for a number of important

Saving the Survivors Celebrates One Year of Dr. Joao Almeida

Hours of travel, 100’s of translocations, countless snare removals, numerous collarings, and endless lives saved. Saving the Survivors celebrates one year of Dr. Joao Almeida. Please join us in celebrating Dr. Joao and all of his tireless achievements for the benefit of wildlife conservation. We cannot do what we do without your support, please continue to

Dr. Johan Attends to Injured White Rhino

Searching for a needle in a haystack – that is what the STS team did recently. Dr Johan was called out to attend to a White rhino. It appeared this cow had an injury to her backside of unknown origin.     There are several rhino on this large reserve. We managed to see all

First Elephant Collar Deployed in Banhine National Park

In support of the National Administration of Conservation Areas, STS, Peace Parks Foundation and partners. We deployed a satellite collar on an elephant for the first time ever, in Banhine National Park (BNP). Banhine is a critically important component of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area. Due to the fact it lies within the wildlife

Rocking for Rhinos Raise Money for Wildlife Conservation

You may remember Gareth Putter from Rocking for Rhinos? He completed the 30 day Rhino Tower challenge for wildlife conservation.   Since then, Gareth and his dedicated team have continued to raise funds. Following this, their final total will be split between 5 wildlife conservation organisations. #savingthesurvivors were one of those conservation organisations!   We

Elephant Found Seriously Injured

On the second day of the Limpopo NP collaring operation, the team located and darted a lone elephant bull in the southern section of the park. We selected this bull for collaring because lone males are often the explorers. They can provide key data on protected area connectivity. Furthermore, large elephant bulls are also preferred

Dr Joao Leads Successful First Week of Elephant Collaring

This week, #teamsts in partnership with PPF, Elephants Alive and ANAC began the elephant collaring operation. It is going extremely well with 6 animals being fitted with brand new satellite collars and 2 recollared. These animals are also based around the protected landscape.   Limpopo National Park (Mozambique) is 1 million hectares in size. With

Newborn Calf Two Weeks On

Two weeks ago, we shared with you the incredible news that Seha and Lucky became parents to a little calf called, Daniel. We are happy to report that this adorable little rhino has been doing extremely well. He is drinking regularly, sleeping when his tummy is full, and nudging his mother during his playtime –

An Insight into Dr Johan Marais

Dr. Johan Marais, the vet, photographer and CEO of #savingthesurvivors Growing up in Etosha, Namibia and on the Highveld of South Africa Johan became a qualified veterinary surgeon in 1991. From then, Johan spent years in equine racing, before being a senior lecturer, then later head of the Equine Clinic in Pretoria. Johan has been

Team STS Begin Elephant Recollaring Project

Today we start the project in southern Mozambique. We will be replacing the elephant GPS collars, for which we raised $10,000 last month.   Thanks to your support, #teamsts and partners will deploy a number of satellite collars in Limpopo National Park. This will assist security and law enforcement operations, human wildlife conflict monitoring and

Seha’s Journey from Survival to Parenthood

Last week, Saving the Survivors received the incredible news that Seha became a father to a beautiful little calf called Daniel. Seha, a long-term patient to STS, has certainly come from tough beginnings. However, his incredible journey has lead to this victorious achievement. The repopulation of what is now a near threatened species. In celebration

Two Male Rhino Calves Killed by Dominant Rhino on a Reserve

Dr. Johan and #teamsts were recently called to assist with an unusual but serious situation where two young male rhino calves were killed by one of two dominant rhino bulls on a reserve. In just one week, two young white rhino calves were found dead in the reserve. Only with evidence of some external trauma.

Saving the Survivors reach $10,000 Goal for Elephant Campaign

Saving the Survivors are happy to announce that we have reached our goal of $10,000 in support of the Elephant Campaign.   Over recent years, saving the survivors have successfully collared a number of elephants. But as these collars were due to run out, team STS launched the elephant campaign. These collars would enable us, with

Baby orphan elephant has died

Saving the Survivors, and partners, are extremely sad to report this difficult news. Despite all of our efforts, the baby orphan Elephant found in the Maputo Special Reserve (Mozambique), has passed away. A combination of factors have contributed towards this sad news. We guarantee that our amazing team did everything possible to succeed. The laboratory