Update on our Black Rhino orphan

UPDATE : On the Black Rhino orphan calf who’s mother died unexpectedly in a reserve and he was left to fend for himself. After relocating him to the Rhino orphanage the little Rhino began to take a turn in his health and became weak and wouldn’t eat. Everyone on site was extremely worried about the

Orphan Black Rhino Calf found alone and in need

Today we received a call for a difficult case. A little Black Rhino calf whose mother died unexpectedly is left in a reserve to fend for himself. At this young age, calfs are extremely dependent on their mothers for warmth, food and protection from predators. With the little calf all on his own, there is

Black Rhino with a painful injury

During the late 1960’s there was over 70,000 Black Rhino which roamed the African plains. Sadly, today there are a mere 5,000 Black Rhinos remaining. Therefore, it is extremely important to treat and save every Black Rhino in need in order to preserve the species. Just before world Rhino day 2022 Dr. Johan and the

Essential Black Rhino protection in South Africa

Black Rhino horn with johan

Last week we collaborated with one of our favourite conservation partners – The Council of Contributors We spent 2 days at a reserve near the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Here we de-horned and fitted trackers to 6 Critically Endangered Black Rhinos. Dr. Johan darted each Black Rhino from the helicopter, immobilising them so

Update on Black Rhino with poaching injury

We first treated Goose, the Black Rhino poaching survivor back in September of 2018. She had sustained an injury to her rear right foot, possibly a gunshot wound from a failed poaching attempt. We took radiographs throughout her treatment, applied extensive wound treatments using state of the art wound materials and casting every time. Later