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Buffalo bull with a painful injury

Although our work takes us to help Rhinos in the majority of cases, this is not the only work we do. We also work with any other animal we are called to help. In this case a wild Buffalo bull.   This magnificent wild Buffalo bull sustained an injury to his sheath and the reserve … Continued


Buffalo Bulls capture in Mavunguane Community

A group of herdsman from the Mavunguane community in southern Mozambique requested the assistance of STS mobile veterinary unit. This was to solve an ongoing “conflict” between the cattle herds and herdsman. Additionally, they were called to solve the conflict between and 2 massive Buffalo bulls that have been sharing the same territory.   Buffaloes … Continued


STS Operate on Broken Buffalo Horn

STS vets attend a to a broken Buffalo horn. This adult buffalo cow broke her left horn off quite a while ago. Unfortunately, there is an infection on the inside area where it broke off and hasn’t healed. Therefore, causing chronic irritation to the cow.     The Saving The Survivors team was called out to … Continued


STS Operate on 2 Buffalo Bulls

Saving The Survivors and a team from the ecology department of the University join the STS field veterinarian, to conduct the operation. Two Buffalo bulls were immobilised to collect biological samples. Additionally, measurements for a wildlife/domestic interface disease study. This is in partnership with the Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM). We darted the two Buffalo bulls … Continued