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Cheetah with severe lacerations

Rangers from a reserve reported that one adult male Cheetah of a coalition of brothers was seen to be not taking any weight on his left front limb. He was left for a day and when it still continued, it was decided to dart and investigate the problem. On closer inspection, he suffered from a … Continued


Attending to an Injured Female Cheetah

Dr Zoe Glyphis and Dr Andy Fraser were recently called to an adult female Cheetah. With 4 cubs, this female Cheetah had injured her front left leg and was significantly lame. Firstly, radiographs were taken and the leg was manipulated and palpated. The only significant finding was swelling of the soft tissues over the carpal … Continued


Dr. Zoe Glyphis Captures Three Cheetahs in Record Time

Last week, team STS was called out to capture three adult male cheetah. Dr Zoe Glyphis, with the assistance of the incredible reserve staff managed to locate and capture all three Cheetah. They were captured in record time and transferred to the holding camp. They will soon be relocated to new reserves, to prevent inbreeding … Continued


Team STS Collar Two Cheetahs

The Saving The Survivors team assisted with the immobilization and collaring of an additional two Cheetahs last week. These two Cheetahs are part of the EWT’s Cheetah Metapopulation Project. This project aims to maximise the genetic diversity of Cheetahs in South Africa and increase their ranges. Furthermore, they are vital to the survival of the … Continued