Hooray for the Honeybee!


Today the world celebrates and recognises the importance of our fuzzy little black and yellow friends! Honeybees have been around for millions of years and are responsible for pollinating plants and making yummy golden honey. Life without these hard-working invertebrates would not be the same. The diversity and availability of food would be massively reduced,

Conservation is about collaboration

Conservation is about collaboration

The conservation of all animals is a mammoth task. No one organisation can deliver all the roles required to protect our wildlife, therefore the key to success is working together and supporting each other. We recently donated sets of Binoculars to our partners Pit-Track K9 conservation and Anti-poaching unit. This team are dedicating their lives

Wildlife Collaring: Dr. Joao collars multiple species in Gile National Reserve

The recently proclaimed Reserva Nacional Gilé (RNG) in the Zambezia province of northern Mozambique remains one of the few places in the region with pristine woodland, untouched habitat and is free from permanent human settlements. Years of uncontrolled bushmeat poaching have however, brought several species to local extinction or near extinction. RNG was once home