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Ecstatic news for Elephants!

On the 12th of August, the world comes together to celebrate and conserve our remaining Elephants. This day acts as a reminder of the urgent plight of both Asian and African Elephants. This iconic animal has incredible significance in many cultures globally. However despite this, the future of the Elephant remains uncertain. Future generations may … Continued


Elephant Bull with broken leg update

Dr. Johan recently went to check up on Mr. F, a magnificent African Elephant bull we have been treating on a reserve in South Africa.   We first treated Mr. F after he fell in a ditch in the bush and broke his leg back in 2018.  The gentle giant was struggling to walk properly … Continued


Elephant cow behaving unusually

The STS team in South Africa are quick to assist the local veterinarian in the examination of this Elephant cow on a reserve. An Elephant cow is a female Elephant. The cow is acting abnormally and has been for the last few months. It is expected that she has an injury either to her tusks, … Continued


Elephant calf gets a happy ending

Our STS team in South Africa are quick to assist an Elephant calf with an injury. The calf is trailing behind the herd, indicating an injury. The rangers believe the calf has an injury on the side of his head.   We assisted the local veterinarian who proceeded to dart the calf from the helicopter, … Continued


STS Mozambique change the tracking collar on magnificent Elephant Bull

A herd of 17 Elephant bulls in Mozambique has been evading our team for a while now, ever since the tracking collar on a 35 year old Elephant bull in the group stopped working. This gang of gentlemen was recently spotted by an aerial patrol, so Dr. Hugo and Dr. Hagnesio rushed to the area. … Continued


Poaching victim: Young Elephant Bull caught in a Gin Trap

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we have to report a poaching victim and the passing of the 5 year old Elephant Bull we attended to with the Gin Trap injury in Central Mozambique. Sadly, once Dr. João arrived on scene, darted and assessed the injuries, it became clear that the damage caused … Continued


Dr. Joao treats an Elephant with a suspected snare

The STS Team in Mozambique collaborated with Peace Parks Foundation and The Administração Nacional das Áreas de Conservação to treat an Injured Elephant in the remote Zinave National Park {ZNP}. Zinave National Park is located in Mozambique. It is a protected area of over 400,000 hectares. This makes it a particularly suitable habitat for Elephants, … Continued


STS Mozambique collar a troublesome trio of Elephant Bulls.

A 30 year old Elephant Bull has been causing problems in the Khulula region of Mozambique. He was with 2 other Elephant bulls, between them they have been raiding farmers crops and have destroyed community housing. After coordinating with the local community and authorities, our team, along with Administração Nacional das Áreas de Conservação, went … Continued


Dr. Johan attends to another Elephant with a Snare wound

A young Bull Elephant was reported to walk with difficulty in one of our reserves in South Africa. Suspecting it was another poaching snare injury, Dr. Johan raced to see what could be done. Under the guidance of the local rangers, The STS Team in South Africa quickly located the injured male. With his usual … Continued