Exciting new NFT partnership between STS and “Endangered Mints”

Endangered mints NFT

We are happy to announce a remarkable partnership with our newest major sponsor, Endangered Mints NFTs. After many lengthy conversations and completing mutual due diligence, our respective organisations have joined forces to assure the long-term health and conservation of endangered wildlife.  “We are very pleased to join in what can truly become a game-changing partnership.

Endangered Animal Merchandise: STS Hoodies and T-Shirts available!

We have a new range of endangered animal merchandise available, including Rhino T-Shirts and Rhino Hoodies for our supporters to wear and show their love and support of Wildlife! They are available for worldwide delivery and there is something for everyone, with Mens, Ladies and Children’s sizes! Just click here to visit BONFIRE.COM to check

Take part in our 5km challenge to support STS!

Challenge yourself, support wildlife conservation and get an awesome medal!! Africa’s vulnerable wildlife is under threat of extinction due to countless decades of poaching. With your donations we are able to reach more endangered wildlife which fall victim to these attacks and other traumatic incidents and offer them the medical support they need to survive.

Facebook Birthday Fundraisers: How Do They Help Saving The Survivors?

At Saving The Survivors, your kind donations and generosity allow us to continue our mission to create hope from hurt. Every penny we kindly receive goes towards the treatment and rehabilitation of wild animals that have fallen victim to poaching or traumatic incidents. A large amount of donations we receive come via the Facebook Fundraiser

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro with Saving The Survivors

Saving The Survivors mt Kilimanjaro

Looking to challenge yourself this year and trek in of the most scenic locations in the world while raising money for Saving the Survivors? We’re looking for people to join us on a life changing adventure between 14th -21st November 2020 as we climb the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. This trek is for people who love adventure,

Why You Should Send Hope, Not Cards This Christmas

The average person spends over £50 on sending Christmas cards each year. Cards which within weeks, find themselves in the bin and forgotten about. We’re urging our supporters to calculate the cost of purchasing and posting cards, and instead, send a message of hope this Christmas. Simply donate what you would normally spend on cards