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2 month progress report on baby Giraffe

Remember the young Giraffe that was suffering with ruptured ligaments? The calf has had a cast on her leg for a total of 2 months now and Dr. Johan returned this week to remove it for good. The baby has healed amazingly and as you can see in the video has now returned to live … Continued


Update on injured baby Giraffe

Happy Holidays! Today is Boxing Day, in some cultures this is a day for giving. For donating to those less fortunate or in need. Please could you help save the survivors and create hope from hurt? We recently reported on a baby Giraffe that was suffering with ruptured ligaments, Dr. Johan treated this animal a … Continued


Injured three week old Giraffe needs our help!

We were contacted by Dr. Ryan to assist with this 3 week old Giraffe that is knuckling over on his right front fetlock joint. This is a condition we see in young foals as well, when either the extensor tendon ruptures, or some of the collateral ligaments of the joint get injured. Dr. Ryan expertly … Continued


Dr. Johan treats Bloei the subadult Giraffe with a snare wound

The STS team in South Africa were asked to attend to Bloei the subadult Giraffe. Bloei had been seen carrying her hindlimb for the last 3 weeks.   Unfortunately, due to thick bush and long grass the animal is seen irregularly and the reserve could not determine what exactly was wrong.   After a 4 … Continued


STS Reports A Successful End to 2018 After Treating 2 Injured Giraffes!

Team STS received reports of two injured giraffes, in the beautiful 100,000 hectare Maputo SP reserve. The STS mobile veterinary unit drove to the location and set up base for 3 days. During this time, they tried to find the animals with the support of MSR ranger team. Catching Giraffes is not for the fainthearted. … Continued


Giraffe Trapped in Snare

As part of our expansion in Mozambique, we are taking a look at some of the cases recently attended by our vet in the region, Dr Joao Amleida. 4 Y/O Male Giraffe with Leg Snare The Maputo special reserve head ranger ask to team to assist with a 4-year-old male Giraffe. This Giraffe was severely … Continued