Young Male Lion rescued from conflict and on his way to new home

Male Lion with vets

Remember the young adult male Lion STS vets in Mozambique saved from a conflict situation with a local community last week? We have now found a good safe home for him. The Kruger Dispersal Lion has been living in a state-of-the-art predator holding facility in Karingani game reserve for the past week, while a longterm plan

STS Mozambique save young Lion and protect local community

young Lion

STS are quick to respond to a deadly situation 8km east of the South African Border with Mozambique. It was brought to our attention by local authorities. A lion had walked from Kruger National Park to community land in Mozambique and over a period of a few days. This young male wondered amongst villages, coming

STS introduces new methods in mitigating Human-Wildlife Conflict

As part of our ongoing commitment to education here you see 2 students in Mozambique, who are studying our Human/Elephant Conflict methods making “Elephant Repellant.” This is completely natural and works well in deterring elephants from entering a specific area, thereby keeping communities safe. Wildlife translocations, disease investigation, treatment of endangered species and research support

STS continues to tackle Human-Elephant Conflict in Mozambique

When Elephants and Humans live side by side there can be severe consequences on both sides. We have been deploying our “Toolboxes” to local communities in Mozambique to help them avoid conflict with Elephants in ways that are safe for Humans and Animals. STS Wildlife Vets Dr Joao Almeida & Dr Hugo Pereira recently visited

Urban Spotted Genets taken to a new home by Dr Hugo

A few weeks ago the French Cultural Center in Maputo contacted Dr Hugo to help capture and relocate 2 spotted Genets. These Genets somehow established their territory in central Maputo, on the roof of this well known cultural centre. Dr Hugo deployed 2 cage traps in the building and after a few attempts finally managed