Saving The Survivors support Lion research and protection

Lion collared

Dr. Johan and the STS team in South Africa support Lion research and protection in a National Park. Researchers and wildlife management teams use tracking collars for an array of reasons. They are useful for recording behaviour, social patterns, and to track movement and demographics. More importantly, collars help teams pick up on poaching incidences,

Human-Lion conflict: Two Lions in serious danger

Mitigating Human Lion conflict

The STS Team in Mozambique are quick on the scene to help solve a conflict between a community and two Lions that had wandered into the communities land. The aim is to mitigate the Human-Lion conflict as effectively and safely as possible. These two lions pose a threat to the civilians and they were killing

Dr. Joao collars 10 Lions in Central Mozambique


Over the past week Dr. Joao working in partnership with Zambeze Delta Conservation and Anti-Poaching collared 10 Lions. This was over a 3 day period in central Mozambique.   The Marromeu complex which is located in central mozambique, where the mighty Zambeze meets the sea, is home to a recently reintroduced Lion population after decades

Lion poaching: The unexpected return of an old friend!

Lion poaching is on the rise in South Africa. This is due to the high demand for Lion parts including claws, teeth and bones. With high demand comes high price tags, increasing the incentive for people to poach.   Earlier this week we reported on a pride of Lions that our team in Mozambique rescued

The STS Team in Mozambique race to the rescue of a pride of Lions…

helicopter conservation work

A breeding pride Lions including 3 females, one male and a cub escaped from the Greater Lebombos Conservancy in Mozambique and found themselves in community land. The pride of Lions had already managed to kill 5 cows and were causing panic amongst villages, before we had been notified. Without the intervention of our team, this

Lion with Gin trap injury shares chopper ride with Dr Joao

This was a young male Lion that had a tracking collar fitted, so Dr. Joao was able to fly directly to its location and dart him from the air. The patient was in a very remote location where monitoring for security and post treatment recovery would be near impossible, furthermore without the support of a

2 lions from a Pride caught in Gin traps

  Dr. Joao flew in to the area where the local Rangers had been tracking 2 of the injured Lions on the ground. With their guidance the Pilot was able to locate them and Dr. Joao could dart the 2 injured big cats from the air.   These 2 lions turned out to be the

Flying a Lion 800kms across Mozambique’s beautiful wild landscape

Lion transported by plane

Last Tuesday at exactly 7.00am the Mozambique STS team immobilised the Lion for the last time in the 3 week long translocation process. With the assistance of Karingani Game Reserve staff the Lion was loaded onto a vehicle and taken to a nearby airstrip where a small Cessna 182 was already waiting and ready to take off.

Young Male Lion rescued from conflict and on his way to new home

Male Lion with vets

Remember the young adult male Lion STS vets in Mozambique saved from a conflict situation with a local community last week? We have now found a good safe home for him. The Kruger Dispersal Lion has been living in a state-of-the-art predator holding facility in Karingani game reserve for the past week, while a longterm plan

STS Mozambique save young Lion and protect local community

young Lion

STS are quick to respond to a deadly situation 8km east of the South African Border with Mozambique. It was brought to our attention by local authorities. A lion had walked from Kruger National Park to community land in Mozambique and over a period of a few days. This young male wondered amongst villages, coming

Male Lion Caught in Gin Trap

Lion Gin Trap

This young male Lion, estimated at 18 to 24 months old, was discovered by game scouts carrying out an anti-poaching patrol on the Eastern border of Mozambique’s Official Coutada 9’s conservation area. The male Lion had been caught in a poachers gin trap and was in a bad way, although he had a healthy young

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