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Dr. Johan operates on two Big Cats!

Reintroduced Lion populations pose several ecological and management challenges in smaller, fenced wildlife reserves. Changes in the natural social and ecological conditions of reintroduced Lions may lead to rapid reproduction and a breakdown of natural predator-prey relationships. To avoid culling of animals, STS was recently requested to perform one-sided hysterectomies on two female Lions that … Continued


Dr. Johan translocates 2 awesome Lions!

A coalition of two magnificent male Lions were recently relocated to another reserve. The reason for this move was twofold: Firstly, many reserves have an overpopulation of Lion and the relocation assists other reserves to bring in different genetics to its own Lion population. In a perfect world there would be no fences and Lions … Continued


Roarsome news for the Lion – the king of the jungle!

Today, the world comes together to honour the Lion for their courage, strength, and power. This iconic animal has huge cultural significance, being depicted in folklore, text, sculptures, paintings, and flags from all around the world. Though this is a day of celebration, we must not forget the fight for survival which todays Lions face … Continued


Saving The Survivors support Lion research and protection

Dr. Johan and the STS team in South Africa support Lion research and protection in a National Park. Researchers and wildlife management teams use tracking collars for an array of reasons. They are useful for recording behaviour, social patterns, and to track movement and demographics. More importantly, collars help teams pick up on poaching incidences, … Continued


Human-Lion conflict: Two Lions in serious danger

The STS Team in Mozambique are quick on the scene to help solve a conflict between a community and two Lions that had wandered into the communities land. The aim is to mitigate the Human-Lion conflict as effectively and safely as possible. These two lions pose a threat to the civilians and they were killing … Continued


Dr. Joao collars 10 Lions in Central Mozambique

Over the past week Dr. Joao working in partnership with Zambeze Delta Conservation and Anti-Poaching collared 10 Lions. This was over a 3 day period in central Mozambique.   The Marromeu complex which is located in central mozambique, where the mighty Zambeze meets the sea, is home to a recently reintroduced Lion population after decades … Continued


Lion poaching: The unexpected return of an old friend!

Lion poaching is on the rise in South Africa. This is due to the high demand for Lion parts including claws, teeth and bones. With high demand comes high price tags, increasing the incentive for people to poach.   Earlier this week we reported on a pride of Lions that our team in Mozambique rescued … Continued


The STS Team in Mozambique race to the rescue of a pride of Lions…

A breeding pride Lions including 3 females, one male and a cub escaped from the Greater Lebombos Conservancy in Mozambique and found themselves in community land. The pride of Lions had already managed to kill 5 cows and were causing panic amongst villages, before we had been notified. Without the intervention of our team, this … Continued


Lion with Gin trap injury shares chopper ride with Dr Joao

This was a young male Lion that had a tracking collar fitted, so Dr. Joao was able to fly directly to its location and dart him from the air. The patient was in a very remote location where monitoring for security and post treatment recovery would be near impossible, furthermore without the support of a … Continued