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The impact of poaching on Private Wildlife Custodians

Saving The Survivors are committed to supporting Private Wildlife Custodians. The situation in Private Wildlife Custodians Due to countless decades of poaching of Rhino in National Parks, over half the world’s Rhino are now under the protection of private custodians who are struggling to meet the cost of protecting this endangered and heavily targeted species. … Continued

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Supporting the hero rangers who protect our wildlife

As the year comes to end, it is time to give thanks. At our STS South Africa base, the team decided to thank those who truly deserve it.  The team put together some bush orientated first aid kits for several of the rangers protecting our wildlife and putting their lives on the line. STS would … Continued

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The art of immobilisation

How do STS immobilise wild animals? Immobilising large wildlife such as Rhino is an essential procedure in our toolkit to keep these species safe. Whether we need to treat an injured animal or a more proactive anti-poaching procedure like collaring, the decision to immobilise such a large patient is never taken lightly. When we humans … Continued

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Hooray for the Honeybee!

Today the world celebrates and recognises the importance of our fuzzy little black and yellow friends! Honeybees have been around for millions of years and are responsible for pollinating plants and making yummy golden honey. Life without these hard-working invertebrates would not be the same. The diversity and availability of food would be massively reduced, … Continued

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Rhino poaching is on the rise in South Africa

Official : Rhino poaching in South Africa is up on last year with poachers shifting their focus away from the Kruger as they take aim on Rhinos elsewhere. The official Rhino Poaching stats have been published today by the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and Environment in South Africa. {see full report in link below.} The … Continued

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Dr Johan answers your questions!

What type of animals do you most often come across and work with? There are two species of rhino that we mainly work with, the black rhino and the white rhino. What adaptive traits do these animals have? There are many physical and behavioural adaptive trait differences between the two species we work with such. … Continued

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Conservation is about collaboration

The conservation of all animals is a mammoth task. No one organisation can deliver all the roles required to protect our wildlife, therefore the key to success is working together and supporting each other. We recently donated sets of Binoculars to our partners Pit-Track K9 conservation and Anti-poaching unit. This team are dedicating their lives … Continued

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Exciting new NFT partnership between STS and “Endangered Mints”

We are happy to announce a remarkable partnership with our newest major sponsor, Endangered Mints NFTs. After many lengthy conversations and completing mutual due diligence, our respective organisations have joined forces to assure the long-term health and conservation of endangered wildlife.  “We are very pleased to join in what can truly become a game-changing partnership. … Continued

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STS South Africa: conservation outreach and education program

This week “Dorota” from the Saving The Survivors Team in South Africa presented a conservation awareness and education talk. This talk was to Grade 5 learners from the HeronBridge College in Johannesburg. The visit opened the eyes and minds of these young learners to the current problems we face in treatment of injuries in species … Continued