How does the Oxpecker Bird help with the anti-poaching of Rhino?

Rhino with Oxpecker bird

A study has suggested that the red-billed Oxpecker bird, often found eating the bugs and insects from the backs of big game animals such as Rhino, Giraffe and Buffalo, actually alerts their host to approaching humans, long before the large mammal would realise alone. Scientists speculate that the African bird has evolved this reaction to

Continuing care for a Rhino Poaching Survivor

Dr. Johan followed up on the healing of this Southern White Rhino poaching survivor. Although the wound has healed substantially, it appears that the Oxpecker birds are keeping the wound open and preventing it from healing fully. It was therefore decided to treat the wound with medical grade honey and cover it with leather, using

Race against time to treat pregnant Rhino shot in poaching attempt

Rhino with bullet wounds

STS Veterinary unit in Mozambique was called to assess a mature pregnant white Rhino cow found in the South Africa – Mozambique Border with a severe limp and a deep wound potentially caused by a firearm. We quickly put together a rescue operation along with Sabie Game Park management and antipoaching team. The next morning after

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Rhino Cow Falls Victim to Brutal Poaching Attempt

Rhino cow

Sadly, another Rhino has been shot with a heavy calibre rifle. This resulted in a bullet penetrating the frontlimb, and through the thorax. It eventually made an exit on the outside of the right frontlimb. Inexplicably it missed all vital structures. It just clipped the right radius and ulna. Miraculously, this Rhino cow survived a