Race to protect a magnificent Southern White Rhino Bull.

A few days ago, a Rhino with a beautiful intact horn was seen by anti-poaching teams walking among 6 previously dehorned Rhinos, making him an obvious target for the well organised Rhino poaching syndicates known to be operating in that area. STS Mozambique were contacted and Dr. Joao and Dr. Hugo quickly put together the

First ever calf of 2 poaching survivors celebrates 1st birthday!

What a difference a year makes! 12 months ago Saving the Survivors celebrated a conservation milestone, little “Daniel” was born! The one-year-old Southern White Rhino was the first ever calf with both parents being survivors of poaching! His mother “Lucky” escaped a poaching attempt with a bullet wound and we rescued his father “Seha” after

Continuing care for a Rhino Survivor.

Dr. Johan followed up on the healing of this Southern White Rhino bull that survived a poaching attempt. Although the wound has healed substantially, it appears that the Oxpecker birds are keeping the wound open and preventing it from healing fully. It was therefore decided to treat the wound with medical grade honey and cover

Another successful treatment of a poaching Survivor.

This beautiful Southern White Rhino bull was shot just in front of his left shoulder in a failed poaching attempt. Together with the local vet, Saving The Survivors Dr. Johan took radiographs of the affected area. Fortunately the bullet did not hit any vital structures, but only damaged soft tissue and went straight through the

The Story of Cussy & Mickey

After spotting Dr. Johan, Cussy and Mickey ran straight over to the fence to say hello.   Cussy, our little white rhino, was abandoned by his mother at only 6 months old, in a large game reserve. We gave them two days to meet up. But after no signs of a reunion, we made the