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The impact of poaching on Private Wildlife Custodians

Saving The Survivors are committed to supporting Private Wildlife Custodians. The situation in Private Wildlife Custodians Due to countless decades of poaching of Rhino in National Parks, over half the world’s Rhino are now under the protection of private custodians who are struggling to meet the cost of protecting this endangered and heavily targeted species. … Continued

Southern White Rhino

Update on our little boy Kwayera

Update on Kwayera: Remember the baby orphan we rescued when he was found wandering the bush alone? For the first few days he was cared for 24/7 by our Veterinary Assistant and Baby Rhino Specialist “Dot”. This most certainly saved his life, before we could arrange for Dr. Johan to fly him to The Rhino Orphanage where … Continued

Southern White Rhino

“Ear piercing” a Rhino!

Notching is becoming a huge part in Rhino conservation. As a result, nearly all Rhinos in South Africa are “notched”. Notching is a way of identifying each individual animal.   Veterinarians do this by removing a small triangle or circle of skin from the Rhino’s ear. The veterinarians do not waste this skin, they use … Continued

Southern White Rhino

Saving The Survivors treat yet another poaching victim

This week Saving The Survivors got the call of yet another poaching incident. Luckily, the Southern White Rhino Bull managed to escape with his life, although he did sustain some nasty injuries. The adult Southern White Rhino Bull was shot and initially he was slightly lame on his right frontlimb. As the days progressed, the … Continued

Southern White Rhino

Update: one year on from White Rhino Bull split horn injury

About a year ago we treated a Southern White Rhino Bull that had split his horn and it had become infected. The young Southern White Rhino bull damaged his horn at the growth area while he was in a fight with an older mature bull.  Unfortunately the horn split and became infected soon thereafter and … Continued

Southern White Rhino

Update on White Rhino cow injured by bull

Earlier this month we reported on this beautiful White Rhino Cow who suffered from injuries to both her back legs, which we assumed were inflicted by a Bull that attempted to cover her. The reserve staff saw her recently and it looks like she has made a complete recovery after we immobilised and treated her! … Continued

Southern White Rhino

World Rhino Day 2022

Today, the world comes together to celebrate the iconic Rhino. This is a time to reflect on their strength, beauty and intelligence, and to fight for a future world where Rhinos and other species thrive in their natural habitats. The history of our beloved Rhinos: Rhinos have been on the face of the earth for … Continued

Southern White Rhino

Dr Johan treats Rhino with suspicious injuries

Dr. Johan rushes to treat an injured Rhino for a suspected poaching incident. This Southern White Rhino cow was reported by field rangers to be suffering from wounds on both her hind limbs. We darted her from the helicopter and on closer inspection it was clear that she must have been injured by a bull. … Continued

Southern White Rhino

Seha update: Life in his new home

Our awesome survivor Seha is thriving in his new home! Dr. Johan managed to catch sight of him this week and Seha is in great shape and his wound is looking good, so he could be left to graze and needed no intervention. We will continue to update you with Seha’s progress as he returns … Continued