Hooray for the Honeybee!


Today the world celebrates and recognises the importance of our fuzzy little black and yellow friends! Honeybees have been around for millions of years and are responsible for pollinating plants and making yummy golden honey. Life without these hard-working invertebrates would not be the same. The diversity and availability of food would be massively reduced,

Update on our little Rhino orphan Kwayera

You may remember a few months back we rescued this little Rhino Kwayera who had been found wandering the bush alone. For the first few days he was cared for 24/7 by our Veterinary Assistant and Baby Rhino Specialist “Dot”. This most certainly saved his life, before we could arrange for Dr. Johan to fly

Tourists find Honey Badger in trouble!

One of the challenges of ecotourism is the over-habituation of wild animals. Wild animals, such as this Honey Badger, are enticed to scavenge for easy meals around lodges, camps and picnic sites. This is due to left over foods being thrown away, or food being stored in fridges by tourists. These easy meals are not

Human-Lion conflict: Two Lions in serious danger

Mitigating Human Lion conflict

The STS Team in Mozambique are quick on the scene to help solve a conflict between a community and two Lions that had wandered into the communities land. The aim is to mitigate the Human-Lion conflict as effectively and safely as possible. These two lions pose a threat to the civilians and they were killing

Dr. Johan attends to another Elephant with a Snare wound

Elephant with Dr Johan

A young Bull Elephant was reported to walk with difficulty in one of our reserves in South Africa. Suspecting it was another poaching snare injury, Dr. Johan raced to see what could be done. Under the guidance of the local rangers, The STS Team in South Africa quickly located the injured male. With his usual

Otis’s Treatment After Lion Attack

Dr. Johan, team STS and Dr Andy Fraser, recently treated Otis on his wounds. Otis is suffering from an uncomplicated radius fracture and he also has several wounds which have not healed, following a Lion attack last year. Unfortunately these wounds are on the bend of the elbow, and quite difficult to suture, due to

Dr Johan and the Curious Case of the Komodo Dragon

Sometimes the STS team gets called out to assist with some unusual patients. Komodo dragons, or Komodo monitors, are the largest, heaviest lizards in the world — and one of the few with a venomous bite. Therefore, Dr. Johan, was quite apprehensive and nervous when asked to share a room with this 50 kg large

Abandoned Elephant Calf Found

Elephant calf

The STS Team recently attended to this 6-week-old Elephant calf. We found that he was strangely abandoned by his herd, also in one of our national parks. The gait of his left hindlimb was abnormal. Therefore, we proceeded to take radiographs of the limb – not always so easy. Luckily, the attending vet Dr Rogers,

STS to be working with Flying for Freedom

STS work with flying for freedom

STS are proud to be working with Tokkie Botes from Flying for Freedom. He and the Flying for Freedom team do not do the glamorous wildlife jobs – they collect forensic evidence from carcasses in the hope that the evidence can lead to arrests.