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Wild Dogs

African Wild Dogs translocated from South Africa to Mozambique update

18 months ago STS, Karingani and Endangered Wildlife Trust planned and executed the translocation of a pack of 12 endangered African Wild dogs from South Africa to Karingani Game Reserve, Mozambique. The dogs have been enjoying the beautiful and safe reserve and have already successfully adapted perfectly to their new home and even raised cubs! Last week Dr Joao … Continued

Wild Dogs

Dr. Hugo’s race to rescue a Wild Dog with a severe snare wound!

STS vets in Mozambique were alerted by the Niassa carnivore project ( Niassa Lion Project ) to reports of a Wild Dog in the Niassa Special Reserve with a nasty snare wound. Dr. Hugo was best placed to tackle this emergency. He quickly packed up the equipment needed for this mission and headed to the airport. While … Continued

Wild Dogs

STS completes Translocation of 13 Wild Dogs

We are thrilled to announce that the amazing operation to translocate 13 Wild Dogs from South Africa to Mozambique has been completed with success! In the morning of the 26th of January after a full day of planning, a multidisciplinary team composed of vets, biologists, monitors and reserve managers, gathered in Pongola Game Reserve (South … Continued

Wild Dogs

Wild Dogs Translocation

Saving The Survivors, along with partners are preparing to translocate African Wild Dogs from South Africa to Karingani game reserve, Mozambique. We are thrilled to report that the holding bomas are nearly ready. Karingani will receive the Wild Dogs at the end of this month. The Wild Dogs are being moved between different reserves. They … Continued