Southern White Rhino

Dr. Johan and the STS team in South Africa rush to the aid of a badly injured Rhino.

Here you see Dr. Johan performing surgery on a Southern White Rhino bull that sustained a severe injury to his lower abdomen from another Rhino.
Performing surgery in the bush under the hot African sun is not always easy. More so for the animal, as if they lie for an extended period in the scorching sun, they can easily overheat which may lead to severe complications.
This surgical procedure took longer than an hour, so the vet performing the anaesthesia decided early on to make a plan and cleverly covered the rhino in branches as to shade him from the heat! Unfortunately he could not do the same for Dr. Johan….
This Rhino will live to fight another day, we must ensure that our teams are always there to answer that call to action, we can only do this with your support!
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