Southern White Rhino

Dr. Johan checks up on Seha.

Dr. Johan and Dorota recently attended to Seha to do a check-up and clean his wound. While it is still a large wound, he has healed tremendously over the last few years, his recovery from such a traumatic injury is what makes him an icon of Rhino conservation around the world!
Seha miraculously survived an horrific attack in 2016 and as you can see from the pictures has come a long way with courage and perseverance. Like Hope, he has shown that despite the cruelty of humankind, this specie can survive the worst of onslaught and even continue with procreation.
Seha is doing well, is in good condition and there are plans to again introduce some females to him so that he may sire another calf! Seha’s first son “Daniel” is doing well, we are so proud that we have been able to save such a magnificent and determined Bull, even more so that he has passed on his valuable genes to future generations.
Seha and his growing family are further proof that saving the survivors of poaching is a successful conservation initiative that produces real results!
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