Dr. Johan is called to relocate a Leopard that found himself in danger.

The Leopard is a magnificently graceful and beautiful, but equally dangerous cat.
Recently, one of these felines was seen strolling through a tourist camp. Although the camps are very well fenced, including electrified fencing, these curious cats sometimes still manage to climb over the barriers.
Sadly, often when wild animals and humans come into contact like this, it ends badly for the animal. But in this instance and owing to the swift and effective action of the camp staff and rangers, this situation was mitigated safely and harmlessly for humans and animals alike.
Dr. Johan, with the assistance of the rangers, darted the young male Leopard and transported him to a suitable location where he would be safe from harm. As you can see from the video, a few minutes after he was given the antidote, he woke up and strolled away casually into the bush. A happy ending for both him and the tourists!
Without our intervention, this situation could have ended very differently, but we can only be on hand to save innocent wildlife owing to your generosity, please support our work by donating.