We hope to engage, inform and inspire our next generation to help save rhino!

Right now, rhino around the world are facing a crisis which threatens to completely extinguish these important and iconic species. Poachers are killing rhinos to subsidise an illegal trade in rhino horn to satisfy increasing demands from Asian markets who see rhino horn as a status symbol and use in traditional medicines. Poachers are decimating rhino populations, driving the species to extinction which is driving up the market price of rhino horn. It is now a real possibility that wild rhino populations could become extinct within the next decade.

We know that education is the key to change and children who are engaged in nature can actively contribute to conservation. Creating Hope from Hurt is an education project created by Action For Rhinos & Saving The Survivors.

Our free resource centre provides educational topics to help school teachers, primary carers and extra curricular organisations bring conservation into the classroom, and educate children about the importance of our rhinos. Our eight topical modules have been specifically written with children in mind. Each topic includes educational fact sheets and exciting activities including quizzes, word searches, cross words and colouring sheets that we hope will not only educate, but engage, inform and inspire our next generation to help save our rhino.

As part of the campaign we also offer a free PowerPoint presentation and class talk. Due to an overwhelming amount of interest prior to our campaign launch we currently only have a limited number of dates and times available (also subject to geographical location). If you are interested in booking a class talk please contact us by email.