Facebook Birthday Fundraisers: What Are They & How Do They Help Saving The Survivors?

At Saving the Survivors, your kind donations and generosity allow us to continue our mission to create hope from hurt. Every penny we kindly receive goes towards the treatment and rehabilitation of wild animals that have fallen victim to poaching or traumatic incidents.

A large amount of donations we receive come via the Facebook Fundraiser option on the popular social networking site.

Below are some frequently asked questions about them and how you can help Saving the Survivors on your birthday this year and give a gift that gives back.

What is a Facebook Fundraiser?

Facebook currently has two different types of fundraising tools available; an option to raise funds for personal causes (such as a new business venture for yourself or on behalf of a friend for their medical bills, for example) and the option to create a fundraiser for charities and nonprofit organisations, like Saving the Survivors.

Birthday fundraisers which let you raise money for one of the 800,000 plus non-profits with Facebook pages were launched in August 2017.


How do you create a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser?

Creating a birthday fundraiser on Facebook is relatively simple : You choose the non-profit or charity you’d like to raise funds for, set a target amount, choose an end date, write a short story to why you’re raising money and give your fundraiser a title. Click “create” and your friends will get a notification letting them know you’re raising for a cause.
If you would like to choose Saving the Survivors for your Birthday Fundraiser, you can click this link to create one quickly and easily: Create a Saving the Survivors Birthday Fundraiser

Does the charity receive all the money from a Birthday Fundraiser?

When someone donates through the donate button, using their credit card, Facebook will be listed on that donor’s credit card statement. FB sends reports to charities that provide the name of a donor and their email address (if provided).

FB charges a fee of five percent for processing the donation. Nonprofits receive 95 percent of each donation.


How do I create a birthday fundraiser for Saving the Survivors?

You can click this link and create one straight away: Birthday Fundraiser


What does my donation to Saving the Survivors go towards?

All donations we receive help us attend to more animals that have suffered from a traumatic experience or accident. Below are a few examples of what financial contributions help us purchase.

$10 pays for an immobilsation dart

$50 pays for wound dressings and ointments

$60 pays for casting materials to hold dressings in place

$100 pays for orthopedic sets and screws

$200 pays for immobilization drugs

$500 pays for one hour of helicopter flight

$850 pays for customised medical instruments