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Ambassadors support us by raising awareness and vital funds for STS in their social or professional circle, local community, schools or companies.  Our ambassadors are the face of our charity.


Our charity ambassadors:

  • Use their media and social media presence to raise awareness and funds for STS
  • Organise fundraising events and attend presentations
  • Give short talks about our charity and the work we do
  • Identify new fundraising opportunities in their area


We are committed to supporting our ambassadors, who make such a valuable difference to our charity. We provide everything you may need, whether it is STS information materials, STS kit, Videos and media, even familiarisation trips to Africa to meet the team on the ground and experience our work first hand.

We also require celebrity ambassadors who can act as a figurehead for our Charity. Becoming an Ambassador is not daunting, you can give as much of your time as you feel comfortable with, any help furthers our cause and is very much appreciated. Ambassadors do not have any of the legal responsibilities of a Trustee or for the management of the organisation. The purpose of an Ambassador is to lend high-profile support to the charity. This will, in turn, support many of the charity’s functions like fundraising, campaigning, public relations, marketing and awareness-building for our cause.

To register your interest in becoming an Ambassador, please email us at – [email protected]