Otis Stands by Poached Mother

An all too familiar face. The heartbreaking moment of a young rhino calf (Otis) standing next to his mother. His mother was shot and killed by poachers. This adult cow was shot a few days ago through her foot. She was unable to bear full weight and seen by Dr Fraser.

The STS team was called in to take radiographs of the cow and calf. However, she died that night due to what we believe to be a blood clot. Otis, the calf, was attacked last year by lions, and sustained some fractures and skin wounds. Radiographs were taken of the affected limb, and a radius fracture was evident. While he still has some open skin wounds and a fracture, he is able to bear full weight on the limb, which is very good news.

It was decided to take him to a nearby orphanage. There, he can be cared for and introduced to other rhino of approximately his age. We estimate his age at about 11 months, which is a difficult age to care for. However, the orphanage staff are experts at this. We are confident he will be adapt within the next 3 to 4 weeks.

It is also important that he settles and start eating in his new environment. This is before we contemplate on any treatment for his injuries, as not to stress him further. We will keep you updated on Otis.

Thank you to Rooiberg Veterinary Services, Rhino Pride Foundation, Craghoppers and FordWildLife