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Our History

Saving The Survivors (STS) was formed in 2012 as a field-based, non-profit conservation organization, in response to the severe poaching of Rhino in Southern Africa which started in 2008. STS went on to perform clinical and conservation work in South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania.

STS is a registered NGO in South Africa, UK and USA, and aims to maintain biodiversity by caring for and rescuing threatened and endangered wildlife species. This is achieved through partnerships with governmental, non-governmental, community and private stakeholders. We provide critical and emergency veterinary intervention, care, and support to threatened and endangered wildlife, focusing on, but not limited to Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. Additionally, offering support to conservation programmes and projects, with specific reference to endangered and threatened wildlife species.

STS has worked tirelessly to become a reliable and meaningful conservation partner to compliment National and Provincial Parks, as well as private Rhino owners and other stakeholders in conservation activities in Southern Africa and abroad. We have performed high-level research in the endangered wildlife veterinary field and have provided training and education with respect to wildlife towards communities, as well as the general public.