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Africa Geographic

We are proud to feature as a preferred project on Africa Geographic, an inspiring platform for safari enthusiasts, conservationists, and people who are passionate about the African continent. See our page on Africa Geographic –  HERE

Africa Geographic is the TRAVEL & CONSERVATION company for those who want their safaris, discussions & donations to make a real difference – in Africa.

Our cause has been featured on Africa Geographic’s selection of hand-picked conservation projects that are of real benefit to Africa’s people, ecosystems, and wildlife. You can even donate to our project directly from our Project page on the Africa Geographic app. To subscribe to this TRAVEL & CONSERVATION app click one of the three links below (desktop and mobile phone apps).

Africa Geographic’s subscriber benefits include:

  • Travel discounts at Africa’s best camps & lodges
  • Donations: carefully selected conservation projects – one-stop, seamless,transparent
  • Premium content from the world’s best contributors
  • Networking and debating
  • Safe – no trolls, scams or advertisingMembers include:
  • Safari enthusiasts and travel experts
  • Conservation experts and naturalists
  • Researchers, rangers and field workers
  • Government and NGO representatives
  • Community stakeholder and landowner representatives


Become a subscriber via any of these platforms:

On desktop: CLICK HERE
iPhone app: CLICK HERE
Android app: CLICK HERE