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Baby Rhino Rescue

Baby Rhino Rescue is an international non profit, driven by Americans and South African professionals working together. Coming forward with their acumen, professional know how and passion, they donate their time.


BRR works virtually and aims to move the dial forward with the collaborating partners on the ground in South Africa. Working with STS and 4 other main partners BRR has to date, amongst other things: funded strongholds, erected guard villagers, armed rangers, bought anti-poaching dogs and horses, funded medications, milk and teff, rhino bomas, helicopter flying time, vaccine for rhinos. BRR also helped fund moving our survivor Seha to a larger area.


BRR’s main imperative now is security. This translates into camera networks in many parts of the country, both license plate recognition and bush motion cameras. It includes military grade drones and rhino collars. Collaborative in spirit BRR aims to work together with others, believing that this intensifies effectiveness. The organisation look forward to the day it will be redundant and the demand for rhino horn will have ceased.