White Rhino Limb Anatomy

Limb Anatomy

A postgraduate student of Dr Johan Marais, Esther Meusel is currently working on the anatomy of the frontlimb of White rhino, looking at CT and MRI images, and dissection of available limbs.

Research into rhino will play a crucial role in the survival of the African rhinos, as very little info is available in the literature. Answering questions on anatomy, pathophysiology, pharmacokinetics and -dynamics will become crucial for the veterinarian confronted with poaching survivors and injured rhino. Poachers have traditionally used snares to aid in catching animals. Although methods of poaching have become very sophisticated, snares are still a common source of substantial damage to the limbs.  In addition, gunshot wounds to the limbs are also exceedingly common nowadays.

Therefore, knowledge of the anatomy of the limbs will greatly benefit veterinarians and wildlife owners, and will improve the survival of poached and injured rhino.