Southern White Rhino

Rhino Bull survives poaching attack.

Dr. Johan and the STS team in South Africa have been called to assist with an adult Southern White Rhino Bull that has been shot, front horn hacked off and the left to die.

This magnificent male was attacked a few days ago but managed to survive the ordeal!

The Poachers bullet went through his lower neck and is lodged somewhere in the muscles of the upper limb. Although the wound on his face is quite severe, to dart him so shortly after the incident may cost him his life. It is sometimes (not always – every case has its own merits and complexities) better to wait a few days for them to recover from the initial shock and trauma, then dart the animal and start with their treatment.

At first he was quite lame and weak, but today he is doing much better and eating well, so we are hopeful that we can start his treatment in the coming days.We will keep you updated on this, yet another atrocity against the iconic and beautiful endangered species.

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