Security Forces on High Alert After Brutal Poaching

A critically endangered black rhino cow was poached in Mozambique. This attack occurred on the morning of 4th December 2018. A tragic event for conservation. There are now less than 2500 wild black rhinos in the world. This happened despite the world class anti-poaching in the reserve.

The end of the year is always a challenge for APUs around Africa. In the past few weeks, things have escalated to proportions never experienced before. Rangers shot at, daily incursions of multiple poaching groups. A large number of rhinos crossing from Kruger to Mozambique have put an extra pressure on security forces. Then we receive the worst possible news…

STS veterinary unit was called to the location to collect biological samples, perform a post mortem and locate the bullets for forensics. This was a hard but important job. But it will certainly provide critical information and evidence that will help in future cases.

We want to salute the brave Mozambican rangers working in the frontline against rhino poaching and give them a word of hope and perseverance. Keep fighting, for the rhino. We ARE making a difference despite this terrible news.

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Finally, thank you to ANAC, Sabie Game Park, ECO APU, Ford WildLife and Craghoppers