Operations in South Sudan

Saving the Survivors expands into South Sudan

In partnership with South Sudan Trust Ltd, Saving the Survivors will be assisting with the search for remaining Northern White Rhinos in the wild. Having been declared functionally extinct in 2018, evidence of their existence in the wild has now surfaced. With our unique knowledge of rhino conservation, we offer the search the best possible chance of success.

Johan Marais,
CEO of STS, said:

It is deeply upsetting that we have allowed another species to slip into extinction, but deeply promising that we might have the opportunity to rectify this. Saving the Survivors will continue to do our best by endangered animals by offering our help to the search for the Northern White Rhino.

However, to help make this a success story, we rely on your donations to extend our operations into South Sudan. Please give what you can to bring a species from hurt to hope.”

Johan Marais, CEO of STS


The Saving the Survivors team announce their most decisive project yet: a search that could bring a species out of their 'functionally extinct' status. Hear from the STS experts and veterinarians about #TheRhinoSearch for the majestic Northern White Rhino.


Our unique experience of offering endangered animals a second chance at life makes us the best fit to help with the search for any remaining Northern White Rhino in the wild.

We refuse to let any species dwindle into extinction and our expertise allows us the opportunity to take action. From performing life-saving surgery on endangered animals on a daily basis, to our extensive experience of darting, tracking, and translocation of animals for their safety: our experiences can cover anything that this search might encounter. So, we intend to find any Northern White Rhino that might still remain in the wild and offer them the best possible safety and stability.

How you can help

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Our determined vets cannot perform this search alone, we need the help of people like you who refuse to see the end of another species. If you’re passionate about protecting any brave remaining Northern White Rhino, we ask that you make a contribution to our search for them. With your donations, we can ensure that this search goes ahead with the best tracking technology available and the best medical equipment to support any rhino that might need our help.

Make a donation

The initial cost of this search is
£300,000 (or just under $400,000).

To operate the specialist search helicopter for
5 hours, the cost is $10,000 per day.

This works out at $33 per minute or
$0.55 per second.


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