Sparticus the Black Rhino (Update)

Spartacus, the Black rhino bull was recently immobilised by the referring veterinarian. He cleaned his wounds and administered more painkillers.

Treating these large, iconic animals is always a challenge and sometimes really difficult. Every time we immobilise him, he is at a disadvantage. Due to the fracture of his humerus, he struggles quite a lot to get up, which must be both quite painful.

However, it is imperative to clean the wound properly and also to administer more painkillers. So, one is really stuck between a rock and hard plate. Black rhino is by nature very aggressive, so there is no other way to treat him satisfactorily. The amount of painkillers he needs also cannot be administered in a drop-out dart, as the volume is just too much.

The prognosis is still guarded, but we all think it is important to give him a fighting chance. Currently, there are less than 5000 Black rhino. In 1970’s, there were 70,000 Black rhino roaming Africa. Therefore, it is really important that we do everything we can to try and save this majestic animal.

Finally, thanks to everyone for your support and prayers with Spartacus, he really needs it.

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