STS 2019 Annual Report Published

We are proud to announce that our Annual Report for 2019 has been published.

These days, giving to charity can seem like an endless task, the problem is never solved and you rarely see any real results from your investment. People are demanding transparency and asking a lot more questions of charities, and rightly so!

With STS, our supporters are engaged by our social media or press coverage of our work and are moved by what they see, motivating them to donate to support us. We are proud to be able to publish our annual report to illustrate exactly what results were delivered by our teams in the field with the help of your generous donations and support.

This document gives a great insight into exactly how we have used the funds so generously donated by our supporters and partners in 2019. 2020 has already proved to be even more successful despite the Covid-19 pandemic, please continue to support our life saving work and continue to fight with us to save the survivors and create hope from hurt.

Read our full 2019 report here –