Wild Dogs
Wild Dogs

STS completes Translocation of 13 Wild Dogs

We are thrilled to announce that the amazing operation to translocate 13 Wild Dogs from South Africa to Mozambique has been completed with success!

In the morning of the 26th of January after a full day of planning, a multidisciplinary team composed of vets, biologists, monitors and reserve managers, gathered in Pongola Game Reserve (South Africa) to begin the long journey to Mozambique.


First action was the darting processing and loading of the endangered carnivores. The team did a great coordinated effort and soon all animals were in crates ready to begin the 16-hour journey to Karingani Game reserve.

Despite the rain and a few bumps at the international border between South Africa and Mozambique the journey went very well. All the Wild Dogs were calm and comfortable in the specially made crates. Even when the vehicles had quick stops to refuel and members of the public curiously looked inside the crates to see the new members of the Mozambican wildlife community!

Dr Joao Treats Wild Dogs

Finally, after a 16 hour drive the 5 vehicles arrived at the holding enclosures in Karingani at midnight. Here we were met by many rangers and reserve staff that had anxiously been waiting for the new residents.

The animals walked out of their crates and into their new home. All members are healthy but probably very tired. The team quickly left the enclosure to allow the dogs to rest.

Wild Dog Pack

In the morning the pack of 13 were together and exploring the temporary enclosure. They will remain here for the next 3 weeks to adapt to their new environment. Next, we will release the Wild Dogs to the pristine 150 000-hectare reserve.

Conservation is about collaboration

This great conservation effort was an amazing example of collaboration between different institutions working together. This is for the greater good of wildlife conservation.

Thank you to the amazing teams from Karingani game reserve, Endangered wildlife trust (EWT), Ezemvelo KZN wildlife, and ANAC for this historical achievement!!!

Special Thanks to #FordWildLife & Craghoppers

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