Community Programs

STS Mozambique, domestic dog vaccination program.

Our team in Mozambique undertakes a project to protect Lions, Wild Dogs and local communities with a canine vaccination program.
Like everywhere else, a dog is Man’s best friend in Africa, farming communities also use domestic dogs to chase Baboons away from crops and warn of predators approaching livestock. But, these domestic dogs can easily spread Rabies and other diseases that are potentially deadly to Humans and Wildlife.
Rabies can not only kill people, but it can destroy Lion and African Wild Dog populations, so tackling this disease is an issue that we must address proactively.
Right now our team in Mozambique is working to vaccinate an estimated 600 domestic dogs living in 26 villages inside Niassa Reserve from rabies and canine distemper and sterilise the male dogs. Thus vastly reducing the risk of these diseases being passed on to the local wildlife.
Community education teams are also out in the communities talking to dog owners and going home to home ahead of our Vets, Dr. Joao and Dr. Hugo arriving in their village.