STS South Africa outreach and education program.

This week “Dorota” from the Saving the Survivors Team in South Africa presented an awareness and education talk to Grade 5 learners from the HeronBridge College in Johannesburg.
The visit opened the eyes and minds of these young learners to the current problems we face in treatment of injuries in species like elephant, lion and rhino and the conservation of wildlife. It is fantastic to see a school going to these lengths to educate the youth of today about such a critical conservation topic that is so often overlooked at a school level.
The presentation focused on the rhino poaching crisis, the reasons behind rhino poaching, the end destination for products, the brutality and suffering these animals experience, as well as the work STS does to assist the wounded animals that have survived a poaching event.
We also touched on the different fundamentals from animal care and wound treatment, to the need for education and community involvement.
The talk was very well received by both teachers and learners alike, with many relevant questions being asked and addressed. The school recently gave the learners a fictional book about rhino poaching in Kruger National Park.