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Whether you are celebrating a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation or any other special occasion. You can help support Saving The Survivors by creating a fundraiser which your friends and family can donate to!


Why should I set up a fundraiser for Saving The Survivors?


Africa’s vulnerable wildlife is under threat of extinction due to countless decades of relentless poaching. With your donations we are able to reach more endangered wildlife which fall victim to these vicious attacks and other traumatic incidents and offer them the medical support they need to survive. Every donation goes a long way in fighting for a future of these majestic animals.


How to set up a fundraiser


Setting up a fundraiser is quick and easy. You can do this by using platforms such as facebook or justgiving. All donations are automatically gifted to Saving The Survivors so you can focus on celebrating your big day!


Become a monthly supporter

With your continued support and generosity, we have the opportunity to reach more injured endangered animals and save more precious lives.


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