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This brave little Southern White Rhino was found lost in the bush, all alone without his mother, just one month old when we found him. At this age Rhinos are heavily reliant on their mothers for milk, warmth and protection from predators. It is a miracle that he survived so long in the bush all on his own and incredible that a dedicated team of rangers found him before it was too late.

The Rangers immediately contacted STS, as with our expert knowledge on Rhino treatment and rehabilitation we offer the little Rhino the best chance of survival.

The Rangers deployed multiple searchers for the mother, including using drones and dogs to cover large areas. Unfortunately, there was no sign of her, it was as if she had vanished into thin air. We sadly suspect poachers are to blame for the disappearance of Kwayera’s mother.

When we found Kwayera, he had a small wound on his face from his time alone in the bush which was treated to by our vets. It is suspected that this injury occurred during the poaching encounter. Perhaps our brave little Rhino managed to free himself but withstood an injury from running through the bush. It is still unclear what happened to our Kwayera and the horrors he might have witnessed.

Without his mother, our Rhino Orphan specialist “Dot” worked as a foster mum, feeding him plenty of milk and keeping him warm and accompanied throughout the nights. This is especially important as infant Rhinos are prone to stress at a young age when facing new environments.

After a number of days, with 24/7 care from Dot, the little Rhino was strong enough to be transported by helicopter to the dedicated Rhino Orphanage where he is being watched over by the amazing staff there. Our STS team and Dr. Johan will continue to oversee his veterinary care throughout his journey as he grows into a strong bull ready to be returned to his home in the wild. Take a look in the “Bush Journals” for updates on Kwayera and all our work.

How can I help more Rhinos like Kwayera?

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in Kwayera’s rescue, as well as all the supporters who have donated towards his care with us and TRO.
You make this possible, it is your generosity that enables us to be there when wildlife needs us.
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