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Mr F

Saving The Survivors veterinary team attended to Mr F, the adult Elephant bull who is suffering from a long bone fracture in his forearm. This injury was sustained after he fell in a ditch in the bush and broke his leg.

The gentle giant was struggling to walk properly, so a cast was applied to the broken leg. Healing has been slow due to the massive weight of the patient and the fact that we cannot stop him putting weight on the limb.

Mr F recovered extremely well and continues to walk kilometres with the herd every day.  He still has a slight limp which he will probably have lifelong, however that is minimal compared to the severe lameness that he suffered from after breaking his leg.  He is still growing and the reserve staff is keeping a watchful eye on him, but he walks pretty well and does a lot of antics when he swims in the local dam.  STS is glad we were a part of this miraculous procedure along with the private vet, and are happy to report of his remarkable recovery.

It was not always smooth sailing working with a 4 ton, very intelligent animal. We have to thank the attending veterinarian, reserve staff, owner and our supporters for his recovery! Teamwork at its best!