Injured rhino cow

Team STS Find Injured Rhino Cow

Dr Johan Marais and Zoe Glyphis were called out to this exceptional white Rhino cow. Unfortunately, she was injured by the local bull.

The Rhino cow only has one functional teat. Unfortunately, in the skirmish with the bull, he managed to lacerate the teat quite badly. Anaesthesia was expertly handled by Dr Bester, the attending vet. Meanwhile, the reserve staff kept her cool with a hosepipe. Additionally, Dr Johan sutured the teat on both sides, with the assistance of Dr Zöe.

She has a subadult calf at foot, who is not suckling anymore. She should make an uneventful recovery. Genetics like hers are precious nowadays, every effort should certainly be made to have her successfully raise more calves.

Why should we save Rhinos?

Rhinos play an important part of our ecosystems and without them these environments would not be the same. Rhinos are keystone species meaning they greatly influence their habitats. One way in which Rhinos do this is by wallowing in muddy puddles. This allows watering holes to stay open, allowing not only Rhinos but all species access to water.

The act of wallowing also has a positive impact on the surrounding soils making them more fertile. This is due to the mud drying up on their skin and falling off in the surrounding environment. This mud is fertile alluvial soil which spreads far and wide with the Rhinos movements. This enriches soils allowing for flora species to thrive.

Rhinos play an integral role in the food chain of many organisms. This is due to Rhinos dung (which is approximately 20kg a day deposited) providing livelihoods for many species. For example, the dung beetle uses Rhino dung to create balls which they deposit their eggs into before burying it. The dung provides a nutritious meal for the larvae once they hatch. They are they consumed by small carnivores including mongoose and birds who also consume the undigested seeds. As well as playing a big role in food chains, Rhino dung is an excellent fertiliser adding nutrients into the soil.

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