Team STS Help Save Young Elephant from Snare

Our veterinarian response unit was called to handle another sad case in Mozambique. Team STS received reports of a young elephant bull with a suspicious leg-wound.

With the help from a nearby reserve and community trackers, the team flew out and managed to quickly locate the elephant bull. Upon arrival it was discovered that the leg-wound was infected. Caused by a terrible cable snare. The snare cut close to the bone of this poor creature.

Despite the severe injury, team STS have saved another beautiful creature from the hands of poachers. We carefully removed the cable, cleaned the wounds and administered antibiotics. We are confident our big friend will make a full recovery very soon 

Snares are “the silent killer of Africa’s wildlife.” Bush meat snaring might be largest factor for species extinction. You can help put an end to this by supporting our work and donating now.