The “Banhine Bull”

Almost a year ago STS and Administração Nacional das Áreas de Conservação joined forces with Peace Parks Foundation and Elephants Alive to deploy the first ever Satellite collar on an Elephant in the remote Banhine National Park in southern Mozambique.

The complicated landscape and dense forest made fitting the collar extremely challenging and unfortunately the Elephant went down in a life threatening position. With only a few minutes to work on him the team decided to “half tight” the collar and wake up the sleeping giant ASAP.

Over the past year the “Banhine bull” travelled huge distances across 4 different protected areas and 2 countries!

Finally, last week Dr. Joao managed to organise a helicopter to re-dart the Bull in Limpopo National Park and refit the collar properly, making sure the Elephant’s travels are studied and recorded for land use planning and corridor protection between the several components of the Greater Limpopo transfrontier Conservation area (GLTCA)

Thanks to ANAC, EA, PPF and pilot James Shuen for their continued support and collaboration in this project and ongoing Elephant conservation projects.