The unexpected return of an old friend!

Earlier this week we reported on a pride of Lions that our team in Mozambique rescued from a potentially fatal encounter with poachers. It has now been confirmed that the male in that pride is actually a previous patient of ours!
Exactly a year ago Dr. Joao treated a Male Lion who had a nasty snare wound to its neck. At that time, he was one of a coalition of 5 young males. Now we see him fully healed and with a pride of his own! 3 females and a cub!
It is very rare that we ever see our patients again, the best we can usually hope for is that after our treatment, they return to the wild and never need us again! But in this case, it was so special to see this magnificent boy again.
Without our intervention a year ago, he would surely have perished! To see him now, thriving and contributing to Mozambique’s Lion population is absolutely amazing!
Thank you to everyone who supports our work, here you can see exactly what your donations pay for and exactly what great results are being achieved!