Titan the 12yo Elephant with Double Leg Snare


Another distressing case of a magnificent animal. This elephant is was found with a double leg snare. It was buried deep down to the bone causing massive swelling and infection. Prognosis was not good when we found, Titan. After darting, the wound was cleaned and treated and Titan walked away and the prognosis was much improved.

Saving the Survivors will revisit Titan next week to check on his progress.

Wire and cable snares are widely used in the bushmeat poaching “industry”, snares, normally target small game animals however they are not selective and too often non target species get caught. In this case the snare was targeting buffalo, hence the double cable.

Cases like these are distressing to attend even for experienced wildlife vets.

Because of your donations, Titan, has a better chance of survival. Please continue to support the work we do by making donating now.