Two Lions in serious danger.

The STS Team in Mozambique were called to help solve a conflict being caused by two Lions that had wandered into community land and were killing cattle. In just 2 weeks 16 animals had been killed in total between community livestock and a cattle farmer, so the community was about to take drastic action against the Brothers if we did not step in!
Dr. Hugo and Dr. Hagnesio responded, supported by ANAC and Sabie Game Park rangers. They were able to dart the animals, attracting them with predator calls and bait. We then took them to the Karingani Game Reserve, where they were placed in a predator holding facility, while TB tests were carried out and a plan was devised for their future relocation to a safe new home, where they would be able to live without the worry of conflict with Humans.
Watch this space for news of their onward journey to their new home.