Black Rhino

Update on Black Rhino with poaching injury to foot.

We first treated Goose back in September of 2018, she had sustained an injury to her rear right foot, possibly a gunshot wound from a failed poaching attempt.

We took radiographs throughout her treatment, applied extensive wound treatments using state of the art wound materials and casting every time. Later we incorporated elephant and buffalo skin at the bottom of the dressing so it was more durable. Goose is definitely the only rhino in the world that has been casted this many times!

She is now mostly recovered, sadly her foot will never return to normal, but she will be able to live a fairly normal life and go on to reproduce and add to the Black Rhino population. It is one thing saving one animal, but when that animal goes on to reproduce, that is real conservation in action!

Goose’s treatment required around 20 visits from Dr. Johan and ran to over $25,000. This was in part funded by Saving the Wild but the vast majority was funded by your donations. We are eternally grateful to our partners and supporters.

Here is a great update video from South African National Parks on “Goose”