Southern White Rhino

Update on our little boy Kwayera

Update on Kwayera:
Remember the baby orphan we rescued when he was found wandering the bush alone?
For the first few days he was cared for 24/7 by our Veterinary Assistant and Baby Rhino Specialist “Dot”. This most certainly saved his life, before we could arrange for Dr. Johan to fly him to The Rhino Orphanage where he has been going from strength to strength ever since.
We are pleased to announce that our sweet little boy Kwayera is now doing extremely well! He has been joined up with an older orphan “Kraaitjie” a very sweet little girl. You can see how small he is at about 9 months old, but Kraaitjie is 14 months old and is having a very good influence on him. He is trying his best to eat dry food with Kraaitjie. His carers have taken out his 3am milk feed and he is now moving onto the normal milk schedule with 5 feeds per day instead of every 3 hours. He is also starting to drink more fresh water from the trough. He has come a long way from the scared little boy we rescued from the bush.
Thank you to everyone who supports STS to make our work possible, without your support babies like Kwayera would not have the second chance at life.


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