Vrystaat’s Transformation

We have been inundated with requests about how little Vrystaat is doing – he is doing SUPER!

For those of you who haven’t yet met Vrystaat, he was poached just over a year ago. The 7th of February to be exact, as a 22-month-old calf. Vrystaat is an orphan of poaching, and during the poaching incident, where he was so badly maimed, his friend Impi, also an orphan, was killed by the poachers.

The first photo is a comparison to show you Vrystaat’s face. You wouldn’t think these pictures are only a year apart. The wound has no more fly-worry or maggots. Additionally, the attending vet has said that he has gained very healthy weight (he actually said he was getting fat…). Furthermore, he is growing into a very handsome young bull!

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