Wild Dog Translocation

African wild dogs are set be translocated to Karingani game reserve. We are thrilled to report that the holding bomas are nearly ready. Karingani will receive the wild dogs at the end of this month.

The wild dogs are being moved between different reserves. They are frequently forced to bond artificially. This is to form new genetically compatible packs.

When reintroducing wild dogs to an area, it increases post-release success. This is if they are held in a boma for a certain period of time. This notion is supported by wild dog experts. It is implemented whenever dogs are translocated to new areas. Or when new packs are artificially formed.

The wild dog bomas at Karingani are “state of the art” facilities. This will be critical for the overall success of this historical operation.

Thanks to ANAC, Karingani Game Reserve, Craghoppers, EWT and FordWildLife.