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There’s no doubt that giving to a good cause always feels so rewarding. Whether this be by donating to a charity or helping to raise awareness of the cause, there is always something you can do to help.


Whilst many of us are so busy with work and with our everyday lives, it can sometimes feel like we don’t have enough time to do some good and help a meaningful cause. However, you don’t need to take time away from your busy schedules help a charity out.


Here is a list of three easy ways you can help Saving The Survivors and the vulnerable animals we work with!


1. Spread the message


You can help by educating people on who Saving The Survivors is, and what it is we do. By sharing information of the work Saving The Survivors carries out and events taking place you can help immensely.


By raising awareness of our work, you also raise awareness and understanding of the issues these vulnerable animals face every day, including poaching threats and habitat loss. With increased recognition, this helps to raise funding for these animals, allowing us to make a change to their lives.


You can spread the message by following us on social media and liking and sharing our content or simply by having a chat with a passing colleague.



2. Get involved in a fundraiser with your friends or colleagues


There are many ways your work can get involved in a charity fundraiser. Whether this be in person or over zoom! Why not arrange a bake sale or fancy-dress day at work? Take a look at how to be a part of a Saving The Survivors fundraiser on our fundraising page.


3. Gift aid your donations


When donating to Saving The Survivors as a UK taxpayer, make sure you click the giftaid box to make your donation go even further.


Gift Aid is a UK government scheme which allows your donations to go even further by claiming back the tax on every donation made by UK taxpayers. You can register for the Gift Aid scheme if you pay income or capital gains tax. This means that each time you donate £1 to Saving The Survivors, we can claim an extra 25p back from the tax you have paid. To register for Gift Aid and to help give more to Saving The Survivors please register.